Sunny Sands Resort Rules

Please relax and have fun. Our rules are for the safety and comfort of our guests. We hope you enjoy your
visit and return often!

Alcohol: Always exercise MODERATION and discretion when consuming alcoholic beverages. No outside
food or drinks in the restaurant or pool bar, including their outdoor seating areas.

Behavior: We promote family oriented nudism, which should be WHOLESOME AND NON-SEXUAL.
Sexually suggestive language, dancing, dress or displays of affection are never appropriate. We are a nudist
resort, not a sex club. Behavior (verbal or physical) or activity that disrupts the harmony and tranquility of
the club, such as overt sexual behavior or the appearance of overt sexual behavior is unacceptable. Violations
of privacy, intoxication, public immoral conduct, or any unruly disturbances will not be tolerated.

Cameras: NO CAMERAS IN PUBLIC AREAS without staff approval or supervision. NEVER
PHOTOGRAPH ANYONE WITHOUT PERMISSION. Check with the office for photography guidelines
before taking your camera out. When finished, put your camera away promptly. Video photography is not
permitted without staff supervision.

Children: Parents are responsible for their CONDUCT and SAFETY AT ALL TIMES. Keep an eye on your
small ones, particularly by the lake and pool area. ADULTS SHOULD NEVER APPROACH OR PLAY WITH
UNFAMILIAR CHILDREN. Minor children are not permitted in the bars after 10:00 PM.

Dress: Nudity is welcome at all times and places in the resort, including while dining and at our dances.
When you do dress, regular street clothes and wraps are appropriate. NO LINGERIE, UNDERWEAR or

Pets: Pets are only permitted in specified pet rooms. Pets must be leashed and should be taken directly to and
from dog walks. Always clean up after your pet. Pets are never permitted in the pool area or public buildings.

Pool Area: NUDITY is always preferred in the Pool Area. Tops for sun protection or bottoms for ladies are
occasional necessities, however guests should be at least partially nude while in the pool area. NO

Pool Etiquette: NO SWIMSUITS, shirts or any other cover are allowed in the POOLS or HOT TUBS. Only
infants & toddlers are exempt, who may require sun protection or swim diapers. Please take a SOAP
SHOWER before entering the pool or hot tub.

Towels: Carry a towel with you at all times and ALWAYS SIT ON YOUR TOWEL for sanitary reasons.

Wildlife: Florida has a wide variety of plants and animals, some of which may be dangerous. Never ingest
the berries or fruit of an unknown plant. Use caution feeding squirrels or other wild animals, they may bite.
DO NOT FEED THE ALLIGATORS, it is illegal and dangerous.
Sunny Sands Nudist Resort
(386) 749-2233
499 Alfa Parkway
Pierson, Florida 32180