There are plenty of things to do at Sunny Sands.
Relax and work on your tan, or take a walk through our community,
or play some games. We offer all the amenities you could want.
open every day of the week

Need to cool off? Jump in and enjoy
swimming or chilling with others.
Swimming is a great workout because you
need to move your whole body against the
resistance of the water while having fun.
open every day of the week

Regular Hot Tub use, through a
combination of buoyancy, heat and
massage relieves tension and stress.
Buoyancy eases pressure in joints
and muscles, while heat increases
blood flow to muscles and accelerates
healing. And it's a great way
to meet new friends!
located just outside the lounge

One of the best benefits of playing volleyball
is that it helps to burn off calories. As a result,
your body can effectively maintain a positive
ratio between muscle and fat. It has been
estimated that just a half hour game of
competitive volleyball can burn anywhere
from 120 to 178 calories. But have you
ever tried it Nude?
located near lounge and volley ball court

Petanque is extremely simple, just like
horseshoes. There's a target, and you have to
get as close to it as possible. What makes it so
appealing, is that you can be way ahead for a
while, yet lose a second later, or vice versa.
Because nothing is decided until the last
player plays the very last boule.
located near the pool

Horseshoes requires you to grab a few
of your new friends to play.
Celebrate with your teammate when
you hear the sweet ring of metal on
metal, or just chat over a little
friendly competition. Social engagement
and activity is shown to increase
quality of life and even to prolong lifespan.
open 24/7 and free to all guests

Enjoy a great workout in our 24/7 gym.
Exercise produces changes in the
parts of the brain that regulate
stress and anxiety. It can also
increase brain sensitivity for
the hormones serotonin
and norepinephrine,
which relieve feelings of depression
open 24/7

Located near the camp grounds and
overlooking the lake. It adjoins the fitness
room and laundry facilities.
Relax and read or play some board
games with friends. You can even
watch some television if that's
what you feel like.

A recent study found that people
who went on a short walk,
even for just 12 minutes,
had an increase in happiness,
attentiveness and confidence.
Enjoy a short stroll from
the pool and around the lake.

The Links at Sunny Sands offers a one-of-a-kind
golf experience. The 9-hole, par 3 course began
in the mid-60s as a Frisbee course. More of links
course than an executive one, the course is situated
around a pond located in the center of the resort. The
holes' distances range from an 80-yard chip to a full
swing 199-yard par 3. With a nod to its origins, this
unique course has no putting greens. Each hole is
marked with a flag centered in a 3-foot circle. Once
the ball comes to rest inside the circle, the hole is
complete. If you ever wanted to play golf in the nude,
this is the place to do it. Sunny Sands is one of the few
places where you can play and work on your tan at the
same time. Check out the events page for information
about specials and tournament play.
Bar and Restaurant.
Well, it's a place full of food
and drinks and lots of cheer.
Sit inside or outside and enjoy.
Sunny Sands Nudist Resort
(386) 749-2233
499 Alfa Parkway
Pierson, Florida 32180